The modular system for functional advantages for metal window constructors coupled with design freedom for architects and building owners.

HUECK Lambda WS window systems (WS = window systems) combine functional, innovative advantages in processing with architectural freedom for planners and owners. Simple and economic production guarantees the use of the same parts even over the individual overall profile depths. With thermal insulation on passive house level thanks to the innovative insulating bridge technology, we meet tomorrow's requirements today.
Try us: the new HUECK Lambda WS window systems – whether as standard windows with traditional designs for modernising in the correct style, or as a narrow system solution with concealed window sashes for contemporary and purist demands by owners and architects.

  • Various profile depths with variable thermal insulation
  • Highest energy efficiency through to passive house suitability
  • Elegant appearance thanks to narrow profile views
  • Lightweight and rational processing through new tool and connector technology
  • Fewer accessory articles through identical chamber dimensions of the inner and outer shells
  • Standard fitting groove for branded fittings with system guarantee
  • Universal hardware, accessories, supplementary profiles, aids and tools
  • Factory-made insulation bond, can be coated subsequently
  • Aluminium window system with a high level of thermal insulation and optimised "Lambdatherm" insulation zone with insulating bridges made of innovative composites
  • Architectural elegance, narrow profi le facial surfaces
  • simple and eff ective processing
  • Production-optimised through few accessories and use of the same parts
  • high compatibility with the Lambda WS/DS 090 thanks to the modular system


  • Consistently straight without visible glazing bead joints or exposed fittings for maximum transparency
  • Stable, durable profile construction with a profile depth of 75 mm for windows opening in
  • Highly thermally insulated aluminium window system according to passive house standards and optimized Lambdatherm insulating zone with insulating bridges made of innovative composites
  • Optimized production thanks to fewer accessories and use of identical parts



The HUECK Lambda WS 090 window system with high performance in all categories. Excellent thermal insulation and energy efficiency on passive house level thanks to an extended insulating zone with thermal insulation inserts and U value block in the glass rebate chamber. Can be combined optimally with the door systems DS 090 and DS 090 FD.

Long-term requirements such as suitability for use, energy efficiency and security are playing an increasingly greater role both in modernising and in new constructions. With its large profile depth of 90 mm the HUECK Lambda WS 090 window system is the right solution for inward opening windows.

Visible individuality – with optional concealed hardware for a particularly narrow appearance that makes the window appear clearer and more elegant.

Architectural variety through harmonious design variants from rounded to classic, supported in accordance with each style by HUECK's new design vocabulary for window and door handles.

The premium window in the area of security as well, with burglar-resistance up to security class RC3 (WK3) and production-optimised as well without additional gluing of the glazing.

The HUECK Lambda WS 090 IS (IS= integrated sash) window system for windows with special demands. Consistent straightforwardness for realising individual design solutions.

The narrowest internal and external elevations increase the window's glass surface and bring even more light into the building. No visible glazing bead joints or interfering parts of window hardware. Clear lines without interruption – that is WS 090 IS.

Uncompromising design, with excellent performance characteristics and functional operability in everyday life – always.


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