Customers about us

Peter Schillinger, Schillinger Metallbau:

 "My father already worked together with Hueck - it is a very long relationship. The special thing about Hueck : Commitments are fulfilled, and they do not promise things they can not realize or implement.
This is very important for us as a processor. Hueck in two words: down-to-earth and reliable."



Ralf Rache, Rache Engineering:

" I am working with Hueck for more than 45 years. The partnership began in the 70s with the first window series, which was uninsulated.
Hueck has a simple System with a variety of  design possibilities. That is what we like most. Hueck in one word: innovative! "

Eva Christina Müller, Heider Fensterbau GmbH:

"Hueck has a wide range of products that make it possible to meet the requirements of our clients. They have a solution for every cunstructional situation and if not they are searching for one.
I really appreciate the commitment of the employees. Hueck in one word: innovation"




David Bouckaert, Oskomera Group:

„We like to make business with Hueck because they have excellent quality for a fair price. Special for us is the Hueck customer aservice; there is always someone available to help, if you have a problem. To a friend I would say: Try!”


Eng. Monther Abu Deyyeh, alfanar aluminium:

„We are working with Hueck since three years. The new appearance is impressing and reflecting the professionalism of Hueck. We see more collaboration in the future with Hueck. It is a professional company and the people are very friendly. One word: Intelligence!”


Adrian Doyle, McMullen Facades Limited:

“We are one of the larger customers of Hueck. It is a very long relationship between McMullen and Hueck. We have done a lot of projects together. We appreciate the new ways Hueck finds outside from catalogue system. One word for describing Hueck: Creative!”

Dietrich Holzheim, Trimborn Metallbau:

„The long-standing relationship with Hueck is very fairly and uncomplicated. Very good."

Bo Hoiris, dan-alu:

“Hueck has a very good agent for our area he is brilliant. Hueck in one word : Quality!


Walter Siegmund, Turn East Construction Group:

“At first I appreciate the quality of Hueck products and the second most important point for us: The quality!”

Alexander Otto, Otto Wintergartenbau e.K.:

" We really like to work with Hueck because we feel well looked after and supervised. Hueck is very innovative and sets new trends."


Wolfgang Winter, Metallbau Zacher:

"We are working with Hueck for more than 20 years and we are very satisfied.
The relationship is very informal and fairly - Hueck in one word: A big family! "


Khalid Bakkali, Kuhn Brandschutz:

"We are working with Hueck for more than 10 years. The special thing about Hueck is the personality, the fact of open cimmunication and that the cooperation makes fun!"


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