In the development of the modular Lambda window and door system, suggestions from practical users and customer requests were thought through to their logical conclusions thanks to many years of engineering expertise. The result: slender elevations, optimum thermal insulation properties, economical processing and versatile potential applications.

For planners and building owners, the broad range of HUECK Lambda window and door systems offers broad architectural scope and flexibility. With windows in a wide range of opening types, as well as interior and exterior doors, classical front doors and the optional Lava fire protection system, this extensive modular system opens up a whole host of potential applications.

Increasingly slender elevations with constant improvements in thermal insulation – tackling this key demand of architects has required Hueck to adopt a constructive approach over a period of many years. Accordingly, the latest generation of Lambda window and door systems achieve maximum thermal insulation values thanks to an innovative and completely redeveloped insulating zone. Despite their shallow profile depths, these windows and doors not only conform to the Energy Savings Ordinance (EnEV) but even reach passive house standards.



  • Various profile depths with variable thermal insulation
  • Maximum energy efficiency through to passive house suitability
  • Elegant appearance thanks to profiles with narrow visible areas
  • Economical processing thanks to a cross-series component sharing principle


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